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4 Everyday Things That Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

As recently as 2015, it’s been shown that now the rate of people who will develop a cancer condition has risen from 1 in 3, to 1 in 2. With that in mind, it’s important that everyone knows what everyday things can increase your risk of developing cancer.

From obvious things like smoking cigarettes to less well-known carcinogens like eating too much processed meats, we can all take steps to help bring the rate of cancer down. Below we’re going to cover 4 everyday things that can increase your cancer risk.

Smoking Cigarettes

Starting with an obvious risk factor – smoking cigarettes is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. If you smoke regularly, you are thought to have up to a 30-times greater risk of lung cancer compared to someone who is a non-smoker.

If you are a smoker and want to reduce your cancer risk, please do consider finding a way to quit. You can do this gradually and with the help of methods such as e-cigarettes and nicotine gum. If you are looking for help quitting, please do seek out some of the free online resources that are available.

Being Exposed to Certain Materials

There are certain natural materials that are carcinogens – molecules which when ingested or inhaled can cause, or increase the likelihood of developing, cancer.

One very common example of an airborne carcinogen is asbestos, a material used in the construction process which was found to be extremely harmful. Asbestos was known for being a prime contributor to cases of Mesothelioma. This cancer type is still prevalent to the point where even clinics like The LOC still offer newly developed treatments for it.

Eating Certain Foods (Without Moderation)

It may, or may not, surprised you to know that eating too much of certain foods can increase your likelihood of developing a cancer condition. Eating over 500 g of red and processed meats per week has recently been shown to affect cancer risk.

The type of cancer most affected by eating too much red and processed meats are of the gastrointestinal type – affecting the intestines and stomach. By making some slight diet changes within your lifestyle, you can effectively reduce your likelihood of developing a cancer condition.

Too Much Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is one of the more obvious causes of melanoma or skin cancers. Millions of people are overexposed to the UV rays of the sun without proper protection every single year. The best-case scenario is that they end up with some sunburn, the worst-case scenario is, unfortunately, aggressive skin cancer.

By taking regular breaks in the shade and ensuring that you regularly apply SPF 50 or higher sunscreen, you’ll dramatically decrease your likelihood of developing a cancer condition.

Take Steps to Reduce Your Cancer Risk Today

By making just a few simple lifestyle changes, nothing major, you can take steps to effectively reduce your likelihood of developing cancer. The current figure of 1 in 2 people developing cancer at some point in their lives is a sobering one, however, we can all work together to bring this further down over time.

What changes could you make to your everyday life to reduce your cancer risk?

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