Making the vegan transition easier

So you’ve decided that you’d like to become vegan but have no idea on where you even begin? Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle isn’t easy but don’t let that scare you.

I recommend you start off with one thing at a time. There is no point making a drastic lifestyle change because that sort of thing is EXTREMELY hard to commit to. The trick is small changes here and there. Honestly, that’s it. Start off by learning as much as you can, then gradually work a vegan diet into your life.

Go at a pace that is manageable and it’ll be a much more natural process.

First Step

The first step is educating yourself. Learn and familiarise yourself with the vegan lifestyle. This will really help you if you do the bulk of your learning now. Veganism is tough to begin with but start off by learning the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Then move onto learning the production of animal products. Everyone has their own reason for being vegan. Some people just don’t like the texture of meat whereas others find the production of animal products disgusting.

Once you’ve got your reasoning, I would learn how you get all the nourishment you need from a plant-based diet.

Look into ingredients after this, put a bit of planning into your shopping trips.


Add more plant based foods to your diet

Unless meat products totally disgust you, I would start off by incorporating more whole grain items, beans, nuts, seeds and tofu into your diet as you can. You should learn how to store these foods and their benefits.

You could swap out milk for soy milk or almond milk.


Stay positive

Don’t dwell on the foods you’re missing out on. Think about all the new foods you get to enjoy. Think about the new dishes you wouldn’t of eaten if you hadn’t of made the transition.

I hope this helps!

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